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Watch the Pop Solos 3 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Solology

Pop music encompasses many different styles today. This track is part blues, part rock, part funk. Learn how to stay bluesy in your solo even while changing keys by deleting a note from the blues scale. This is an important concept which allows you to take something you already know and apply it with minimal alteration over another musical situation. Other topics covered are the Dom 7 add b3 arpeggio and using repetition with appropriate melodic alterations. Harmonic Overview
Chords: E7 C7 Street Key: E: I7 bVI7 Theoretical Key: A: V7 F:V7
Modes: EMix CMix Parent Scales: A Maj - F Maj, E Blues - E Blues w/o B note Pentatonic Options: EMin Pent - EMin Pent w/o B note, EMaj Pent - CMaj Pent