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Watch the Jazz Solos 3 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Solology

Here is an example of a parallel Dorian progression involving two minor chords one whole step apart. The groove is a straight ahead swing feel. First we'll address playing over a triplet feel and phrasing in a bebop style by playing on the upbeat. The minor pentatonic and Dorian modes are demonstrated in one position to allow seamless transition of key changes. Common tones are covered as a means of "playing less".

Harmonic Overview
Chords: GMin7 AMin7
Street Key: G: IMin7 IIMin7
Theoretical Key: F: IIMin7 G: IIMin7
Modes: GDor ADor
Parent Scales: FMaj GMaj
Pentatonic Options: GMin Pent AMin Pent DMin Pent EMin Pent AMin Pent BMin Pent