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Watch the Funk Solos 1 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Solology

This is the first in a new series we're calling Solology, which will focus exclusively on developing better soloing chops. This series is the companion to the Rhythmology series. Whether you're a novice player or a seasoned pro, these lessons will give you some new "rut-busting" approaches to improve your soloing skills. On this CD, we'll cover five styles, each with their own basic backing track and a PDF chart of the voicings and patterns referenced in the video lessons. The five styles correspond to the five styles covered in Rhythmology 1. A harmonic overview is provided in these text elements. No Power Tab element is required. Ready? Let's dig in with some funk ... Funk is not about what you play but what you don't play. In this lesson you'll learn how to utilize space to help you develop a more effective solo. Topics presented are: question and answer phrasing, repetition, chromaticism, the minor pentatonic scale, blues scale, and the major pentatonic add b3 scale.

Harmonic Overview
Chords: E9
Street Key : E: I9
Theoretical Key : A: V9
Mode: EMix
Parent Scale:: AMaj
Pentatonic Options: EMaj Pent, DMaj Pent, F#Min Pent, EMin Pent, E Blues, E B.C.
Option #2 - Modes: ELydb7; Parent Scales: BMel Min
Option #3 - Mode: EDor; Parent Scale: DMaj
Pentatonic Options: EMin Pent, DMaj Pent, F#Min Pent
Option #4 - E7#9, E Half-Whole Dim