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Watch the Sweet Notes: 1 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from SoloCraft

All of the segments in this SoloCraft DVD represent powerful tools to take your playing beyond the static to the enigmatic and this section "Sweet Notes" in particular, will empower you with superhuman resolution prowess to hit all the right notes at all the right times. Think I'm kidding? Let's find out. I am going show you how to find the sweet notes on your guitar all from the scale shapes you may already know. I will show you how to identify the notes in your chords and where those notes are found in the scales you are using to improvise with. No more searching and hoping to resolve to that killer tone that your favorite players always hit... I'm going to put them under your fingers for the best sounding licks you've ever played.

A sweet note is basically a chord tone that you resolve your musical phrases to. An example of this would be playing over an A7 chord using the A minor pentatonic scale to solo over this chord. The key element is to resolve your phrases from that scale to tones found in the A7 chord. So, you would want to end any lick or phrase to the A, E or G notes found in the scale because they are also in the chord. As we develop through the course you will see that we can also add tones to our scales to give us more chord tones or sweet notes to resolve to. This is where learning your arpeggios comes in and you will soon see and hear just how amazing and valuable this approach is. The sweet notes section of SoloCraft will solidify this concept to you in an easy to understand manner and ground you in the concept before taking on the journey of a lifetime in the following chapters and techniques. There is also an in depth course covering the Robbie Calvo/Sweet Notes approach on TrueFire. Check that out when you get a chance.