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Watch the Pedal Tones: 4 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from SoloCraft

A pedal tone is a note that the following notes of a melody are played against in a consistent manner. Choosing a pedal tone that is a chord tone or sweet note will be the way to go using this approach. The reason you will want to do that is if you are consistently playing a note dispersed with other notes, the prevalent note should sound resolved to create a melodic line. Analyze the chords in our progression to figure out the sweet notes in each chord and this will give you the best pedal tones to start creating our pedal tone melodies. Both of our chords are derived from the A major scale, so we'll learn a shape for that scale at the 2nd fret and find our chord tones within the scale too.

Now that you've learned the scale shape it's time to start creating licks that we can play over each chord. Check out the video examples and then jam with me watching the left and right hand positioning and picking technique as you do so.