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Watch the Pedal Tones: 1 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from SoloCraft

Pedal Tones create some of the coolest lick ideas you will ever hear so I've incorporated them into your SoloCraft induction to give you another essential color for your palette. Adding a line or two with the flair of pedal tone simplicity will have heads turning whenever you play them. These ideas are a little trickier to articulate but given that the sound is so worth every second spent working on it, you will master it with ease. When you can handle the pedal tone runs you will be ready for another killer segment in the SoloCraft course... Intervallic lines ... Hold on, No jumping the queue, do this one first!

Pedal tones have been used by classical composers for decades and piano players and bass players use this technique to great effect as well. Pedal tone melodies are very distinctive and create wonderful melodic hooks that can be repeated throughout a piece of music. Take a listen to the simple ideas I am playing over the backing track of an A major 7 and D major 7 chord and you'll be hooked too.