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Watch the Open Tuning Slide: 4 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from SoloCraft

Now that we are in an open G tuning we have all of the chord tones of a G chord across the strings at the 12th fret. This is our safe place or resolution reference point. In other words we can create licks and make sure we resolve back to any string over the 12th fret and we'll be golden! Instead of re-learning scale shapes with our typical names, I have given you two patterns that work really well either side of the 12th fret that are incredibly easy to remember. Take a look at the video and your scale diagrams and you will see what I mean. I still advocate that you learn what the notes are that make up these patterns as knowledge is power. Now, the chord progression in our backing track is basically a I, IV, V progression in the key of G, which means the I chord is G, the IV chord is C and the V chord is D. So to play over the C chord all you have to do is move the information that you've learned over the G chord up to the 5th fret and use the two patterns either side of the 5th fret. Consequently, to play over the D chord you would move that information up to the 7th fret and play those two patterns either side of the 7th fret. Cool or what? Let's take that new information and jam over the track.