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Watch the Fourths, Fifths, Sixths: 12 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from SoloCraft

I wanted to remind you that resolving to the other chord tones found in our chords from within these ideas is cool too. For example the B and D notes over the G chord are both sweet notes as well. Try resolving to both of these notes when you jam over the track again.

Take a look at the fretboard diagrams of your E minor pentatonic scale shape at the 12th fret now. This is where I am going to show you some cool Hendrix flavored lick ideas. I explain how E minor pentatonic scale is also G major pentatonic scale. This is why this scale works nicely over our G chord. Analyze the diagrams against the chords we are using and you will see the correlation between the chord and scale. Once you have learned the ideas I am showing you at the 12th fret, move the shape to the 5th fret to work over the C chord. This becomes A minor/C major pentatonic scale. Moving the shape up to the 7th fret will give you B minor/D major pentatonic scale which you can use over the V chord D. Time to use these licks over the track. Let's jam!