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Watch the E Major Hexatonic online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slide Guitar Power

A logical step further from E major pentatonic is to move to E major hexatonic, as hexatonic (a six-tone scale) simply adds one scale degree to major pentatonic. In the key of E, E major hexatonic is built from the notes E, F#, G# A, B and C#. In other words, A, the fourth of E, is added to the scale structure of E major pentatonic. This yields a scale that works perfectly over all of the chords in a I-IV_V blues progression in the key of E, as all of the root notes for each of the three chords in the progression - E, A and B - are included in the scale. The complete triadic chord tones are also included for E (E G# B) and A (A C# E), and the root and fifth are included for B (B and F#). The hexatonic scale is often referred to as the "Dickey Betts scale" because a great many of his classic signature songs, such as "Blue Sky" and "Jessica," feature the hexatonic scale prominently.