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Watch the Derek Trucks Style: Open E online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slide Guitar Power

I begin this solo in a very unusual position for open E soloing by sliding up to G#, the major third, on the B string and then following up with an E root note at the eighth fret of the G string. When using this in-between position one must be careful not to sound any adjacent strings along with the primary note, as most other notes found on adjacent strings at the eighth fret will sound out of key. Derek is a master at incorporating this in-between scale position with the more commonly used positions, which I slide into at bar 3 when I move up to 12th position. The two chords that make up the progression are E and A, so all of the licks are meant to sit clearly over each of these chords. Derek's playing is earmarked by close atention to melody, so throughout this solo I tried to focus on the E hexatonic scale (E F# G# A B C#) primarily, which yields a much less bluesy sound than the E hybrid dominant scale (E F# G# A B D). Towards the end of the solo, I executed a sliding harmonic by first sounding an E natural harmonic by lightly touching the high E string above the 12th fret, and then I bring the slide up the string from beneath the nut so that the harmonic will continue to ring.