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Watch the Section 2: Rock Patterns online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Rhythmology

Heavy driving rock grooves frequently make use of heavily overdriven single note riffs and/or power chords. In this lesson you'll learn how to think "out of the box" in a literal sense by building harmonies from the minor pentatonic scale. You're guaranteed to stay "in the pocket" of this straight eighth groove by choosing three adjacent eighth notes and displacing them in the measure. Next we'll explore voicings involving open strings as well as fretted notes. Moving voices and rhythmic "stabs" are then presented along with chord scales. Finally we raise the bar rhythmically with sixteenth notes and harmonically we take it "outside" with parallel chromaticism.
Harmonic Overview
Chords: F#Min7 Street Key: F#: IMin7
Theoretical Key: E: IIMin7
Mode: F#Dor
Parent Scale: EMaj
Pentatonic Options: EMaj Pent, G#Min Pent

Option #2
Chords: F#Min7
Theoretical Key: A: VIMin7
Mode: F#Aeo Parent Scale: AMaj
Pentatonic Options: F#Min Pent, EMaj Pent

Option #3
Chords: F#Min7
Theoretical Key: D: IIIMin7
Mode: F#Phry
Parent Scale: DMaj
Pentatonic Options: F#Min Pent, EMin Pent

Option #4
Chords: F#7#9 F# Half-Whole Dim F# Blues F#Min Pent