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Watch the Section 2: Blues Patterns online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Rhythmology

"Less is more" is a concept that takes time to develop. Learn how to underplay on this slow blues that has a touch of jazz lurking under its chords. First we'll discuss rhythmic options in the 12/8 feel. Density of your chord (meaning how many strings you play) and register (meaning how high or low in pitch the voices are) are great ways to develop variety in your playing even when you're just playing one chord voicing with your fretting hand. Next we will cover the guide tones, probably the most important and often overlooked tool for both rhythm and lead guitar. Finally you'll learn how to build extended dominant chords by referencing the roots and fifths in each voicing. Also covered is the b3 to 3 blues move, double-stop moves, application of the b5 from the overtone mode and the 7#9 sound.

Harmonic Overview
Chords: Bb7 Ab7
Street Key: Bb: I7 bVII7
Theoretical Key: Eb: V7 EbMel Min: IV7
Modes: BbMix AbLyd b7
Parent Scales: Eb Maj Eb Mel Min
Pentatonic Options: Bb Blues - Bb Blues, BbMaj Pent - AbMaj Pent