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Watch the Lesson 11 online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Rhythmic Grooves

Groove is all about rhythm and so knowing where you are rhythmically at all times is critical whether you're playing rhythm or lead. This series of lessons covers a variety of rhythmic grooves utilizing the one ring/three dead building block to improve your rhythmic awareness. Although you're playing over a jam track and getting pretty funky, these lessons are also very important rhythm technique-building exercises as well and can be applied over just about any groove, not just the jams presented here.
Over the entire series of lessons, we'll examine displacing sixteenth notes on a quarter note beat. We'll introduce approach chords, structures and extensions to open up more rhythmic possibilities. We'll also work with various chord voicings and inversions and then apply them to the various rhythmic patterns. These same rhythmic patterns will then be applied to soloing using pentatonic and blues scales.
All in all, this series of lessons will broaden your musicality by expanding your vocabulary and understanding of rhythmic and melodic patterns.
The first two sixteenth note slots of each beat are covered in this first lesson.