Watch the Stadium Rock: Technique 3 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

This is a new rock progression for us to play over in the style of Van Halen. I've tuned my low E string down to a low D to give me a deeper rock grind. I know some of you guys are tuning down to C and C# but the D is a great place to get your feet wet without needing heavier strings.

The progression is pretty simple, it's all power chords for the first part and those chords are C5, D5, F5, G5 the first time round and then C5, D5, F5, C5. I'm using the low D note to add depth to those chords as well. Check out the video to see what I'm doing with my right hand picking approach.

Playing triads on the top three strings is going to sound really good over this progression for a couple of reasons. We can utilize the open D string (4th) again but this time it's an octave higher in pitch than our previous guitar part. Secondly, we can play a D major triad shape for the whole progression and add in a cool sus4 for harmonic variation. Again, check out the video for picking/strumming techniques and look at the transcriptions to see where to place the sus4 on the triads.

You may want to try playing the same triad idea with barre chords on the middle four strings as per the video lesson. I don't think it "sings out" as much as the first option but it's a good idea to get this under your fingers.

If you'd like to approximate the Van Halen sound you could start by using a phaser pedal, delay and a good overdrive from your amp and/or a pedal. If you liked the sound I got for this example here's what I used; Marshall JMP1, Blackstar HT-Dual with some chorus and delay added.