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Watch the Stadium Rock: Technique 2 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

The band U2 created some of the most memorable songs of the 80's, 90's and the new millennium. "The Edge", U2's guitarist played very simple ideas in conjunction with multiple delays to create hooks and riffs and I wanted to show you something in that style to play over our Stadium Rock progression.

The idea I've created is based around an Emi7 chord at the 7th fret. I started my thought process there because I know the progression is an E Aeolian modal progression. This means the progression has a key center of G but has a tonal center (resolution point) of the VI chord, Emi7. What I do when I'm in the creative process is to listen to the music bed and try to hear ideas that I can sing. Once I have a framework for that I transpose the vocal melodies onto the guitar and under my fingers. This is how I came up with this guitar part. Please learn the guitar part that I've played using the transcription we've provided for you but also come up with an idea of your own that you can play over the backing track.

The "Edge" uses delays to create his signature sound, so you'll need to hook up a delay pedal or rack effects to make this sound authentic. If you have a tap tempo on your delay, play the track and tap the tempo switch to get the delayed timed to the track. This is very important as you want the repeats to be in time with the music. Set your feedback levels higher than you would for typical lead guitar delays as well. You'll want the feedbacks to start lapping over each other. If you can play in stereo all the better. Use the ping pong or panning delay so that you can set the delays to pan across the stereo field for a more spatial experience.

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