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Watch the Southern Rock: Technique 2 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

Our first two guitar parts are taking up a lot of musical space in the track, so I thought we could add a cool sounding part on the acoustic guitar further up the fretboard. What I've chosen to do is use my capo at the 7th fret and then find chord voicings that will give me the same pitch as the other guitar parts. A D shape with my capo at the 7th fret will give me my first chord, an A. Using a G shape will give me a D. F major will give me a C and using a C shape will give me the G found in our other guitar parts.

Listen to the sound of this new approach, it's very close to the sound of a mandolin. The rhythmic pattern I'm playing would be reminiscent of a rhythmic part you could strum on a mandolin as well. I think the sound fits really well with the other guitars and helps to drive the track along nicely. Stylistically this works well too, as southern rock bands often use traditional acoustic instruments like the mandolin and fiddle in their arrangements.