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Watch the Southern Rock: Technique 1 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

The classic southern rock bands typically had two or even three guitarists. We've all heard the dual harmony lead guitar solos but what did they do when it came to holding down the rhythm parts? I've created a track that we can use to layer up some parts for three guitarists.

The first part will make you stretch your left hand a little to articulate the voicings I've chosen for this. I could have used a standard D chord but thought this sounded a bit cooler. The single note lick adds a nice touch at the end of each 2 bar phrase.

Our second guitar part is using barred triad shapes located on the 4th, 3rd and 2nd strings. I chose to place the 3rd in the bass on each of these chords which is located on the 5th string. I'm sliding in to these shapes to add some movement and I'm playing them a little more staccato than our first example. I've added a lick to the A chord in the first bar as well. This works really well because it won't clash with the lick we played in the 2nd bar of guitar part #1. There is absolute method in my madness!

Check out the chord diagrams and the notation provided to make sure you are nailing these rhythm parts. Take your time working through these examples, there is no rush.