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Watch the RhythmCraft online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft


The fact is, that when we play guitar on a song, 95% of that playing is GOING TO BE rhythm guitar playing and then, if we're lucky 5% will be spent playing lead fills and a solo. So, typically why do we spend more time improving our skill sets in the realm of lead guitar playing? Of course, we need to be very adept at hitting those "Sweet Notes" and improving our "SoloCraft" but the truth is that you are more likely to get the gig or at least be more useful as a guitarist if you can nail the rhythms and play some cool parts that fit in with the other musicians and the arrangement. How many times have you been at a jam session and when it's your turn to solo the guy who was ripping it up with his leads can't give you a solid groove to play over? It happens to me all the time! I become the designated rhythm guitar player!

I started out playing rhythm guitar years before I learned my first lead licks and that has given me a great appreciation for the art of the groove and playing orchestrated useful guitar parts with my chord vocabulary. My experience, is your experience here on TrueFire and I am going to share those years of studio and live work experiences with you in a practical and powerful way.

In this new course we are going to learn the art of great rhythm guitar playing in a variety of popular styles. For each genre we'll be looking at standard progressions, typical rhythms for that style, chord vocabulary and some stylized tricks of the trade. We'll look at making simple chords sound more interesting by adding additional voices. We'll take simple chords and invert them to add variety and movement. What is a slash chord and why should you care? Well, when you see and hear how easy and powerful changing a bass note is under your chords you are going to beg me for more! I'll give you a multitude of ideas on how to create great overdub or second guitarist parts for your band or song arrangements. Think about the layers and textures created in the studio by bands like Def Leppard, Boston, or even Eric Clapton. The studio session cats all know the secret to how smaller guitar parts layered together create amazing arrangements in pop and rock music and I'll show you how. Rhythm Craft is an easy and concise musical approach to making you the rhythm guitarist you should and will want to be. I'll even throw in some great applied harmony and theory as we go along which will open doors and windows for you in such an enlightening way. Let's get cracking on this course so that you can take your Rhythm Craft to a groovy new level.