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Watch the R&B: Technique 1 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

This is my favorite genre of music to play because it allows me to combine a multitude of techniques and feels all within one progression or song.

Watch the intro video example of me playing over this R&B groove and you'll see me play spread barre chords with skanks, single note riffs and chromatic passing chords. Further into this R&B lesson plan you'll see me add double-stops and chord voice leading to these approaches also.

The progression starts with a chromatic chord move from F7-F#7-G7. The G7 is our "I" chord. To play the melodic riff after this chord I'm using one octave of a G major pentatonic scale. This sounds so cool and is very genre specific. When I move up to the C7 I do that chromatically from the Bb7 - B7 - C7 and my riff is derived from the C major pentatonic scale. Makes sense right?!

You'll also notice from your chord chart and chord diagrams that this progression is not a standard I - IV - V. Emi7 was added to this progression to change it up a little. The Emi7 can be seen as a VI min7.

Play close attention to the bass guitar part as you will want to lock in to that as it is playing the major pentatonic scale riffs and the chromatic passing tones to connect the chord changes as well.