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Watch the Minor Blues: Technique 4 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

I wanted to show you this cool approach to playing our A minor blues progression using the acoustic guitar. Most of you will know the first chord I'm playing, the Amin in open position. The second chord voicing I've chosen is a Dmi/A and I added a descending melody line to this chord. Try adding a melodic phrase to the Amin chord as well. Notice the little turns and flourishes I add with my first finger when playing the Ami chord.

I am playing an E major chord shape one fret higher to give me an F major chord and having the open B and E strings resonating also, gives me a (#11) and the major 7th. This is a nice variation instead of using an F7/F9 chord and adds a spanish flavor to our progression. I am using a standard E major chord to replace the E7/E9 as well. If you guys are interested the chords are created by harmonizing the A harmonic minor scale so you may want to try playing that scale over this progression. Be careful not to use an Ami7 chord, just an Amin, as the major 7th in the scale will sound dissonant with the minor 7th if used in the chord.