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Watch the Jazz: Technique 3 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

The reason I am working on the top four strings in position to play over this jazz blues is to push you a bit harder and get you to learn some new chord shapes. Not only that, I want you to understand that using these voicings and inversions will give you musical muscle and variety. Your comping chops will get another notch up too.

Check out the chord diagrams provided and get them under your fingers before trying to play with the track. There is nothing worse than making mistakes consistently when practicing, what you are actually doing is programming mistakes. My recommendation would be to learn a new voicing, visualize it and then integrate that new shape. When you've nailed that add another voicing.

Okay, so you thought playing in position on the top four strings was tough, we are going to work across the fingerboard now on the top four strings.

This is going to push you but it will be worth it. Listen to how inverting our chords gives us some wonderful chord melody ideas.

I don't expect you to master this in a day. Take your time working on some ideas and again visualize the new shapes, it will help you remember them.