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Watch the Funk: Technique 3 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

I've recorded the E7(#9) - F#7(#9) - B7(#5) chord groove for you and now you'll hear me layer up the funky riff over the top. Notice that I only play the single note lines and when the turnaround comes I just let the recorded guitar take it. There's not much point doubling that part and it lets the track breathe a little more. I played the riff using my Wah Wah pedal to give the part more of a funk sound and feel.

The next layer I played was the riff an octave higher than our original part. I could have played this part in position around the 7th fret but decided it was easier to see how this was played at the 12th fret. If you are the adventurous type move the riff lick to other areas of the fretboard to expand your knowledge. At the end of each 2 bar phrase I was playing unison bends to add another flavor. The best notes to use for this are the chord tones of the E7(#9) or the B7(#5). Here's how to play a unison bend; you need to hold down a B, 7th fret, 1st string with your first finger and then with your little finger bend the second string 10th fret up to the B at the 12th fret. You pick both strings at the same time and bend up as you hit the strings.