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Watch the Country: Technique 2 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

In this video lesson I'll be playing a typical country strumming part on the acoustic guitar. This guitar part would work beautifully under the electric guitar approach in the previous lesson. I've removed the capo as you can see and I'm actually playing chord shapes/voicings now, in open position.

The cool thing is that our turnaround is fingered exactly the same, so no new information there. A nice touch to add when playing in this style is the alternating bass line move when playing the C7 chord. What I mean by that is that we'll be playing a C as the bass of the C7 chord for 2 beats and then the G (5th) for 2 beats. Watch the video and you'll get what I mean.

An option to keep in mind when going from the G to the C7 is to make the G a G7 as it will give you a stronger "pull" towards the C7 and add some harmonic diversity.

You'll also notice that I play a chromatic single note walk up to the C7 as well. Practice this slowly at first if it presents problems changing from chords to single note lines. It will be worth it!

Relax when you play this rhythm part, it should sound effortless and smooth, including all the nuances in the bass lines, walks and turnarounds we've covered. Play along with the electric guitar part and you'll hear how well each part complements the other.