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Watch the Blues: Technique 2 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from RhythmCraft

Finger picking the strings with the right hand will give you an approach closer to that of traditional blues and also lends itself well to the acoustic guitar. I do advocate that any techniques within this course can be utilized on both electric and acoustic guitar however.

The chord voicings we are using in this example are pretty much the same as in the previous strumming section but we are pulling out specific tones with the right hand fingers now. I am also adding some melodic notes on the upper strings to add movement and simple melody ideas. Please remember that I am showing you some ideas that you can either copy or approximate and develop into your own style, be adventurous and find some cool moves of your own.

The turnaround moves in this example utilize double-stop minor 3rds and it is a sound most of you will have heard on blues recordings throughout history as a standard move. These minor thirds are derived from diminished triads located on the top 3 strings. Try and visualize the whole chord and where each of these ideas come from so that you can transpose them into other keys when you need to.

If you have friends you jam with try having them play the strumming rhythm part in example 1 while you finger pick the chords from this example. Then trade out and swap parts. Try playing this yourself over the last video performance.