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Watch the Inspiration online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Rhythm Architect

As you work through each of the examples, banking up the parts I’ve shown you, you’ve probably realized what great backing tracks these are to practice your solo’s over too! Now, of course I haven’t given you any background as to what scales, arpeggio’s and licks might work best on these ‘Rhythm Blueprints’ but that shouldn’t stop you from improvising some cool leads for yourself. I did however put this one together for you as an inspirational piece when we’d completed filming the course! It’s not perfect but that’s Improvisation for you baby!

In this example you can hear me improvise a solo over the ‘Soul Surfer’ Rhythm Blueprint. I’m using The E Major Scale as my note choices. It should be noted that the D/F# chord is not in the key of E so the D# from the scale won’t sound too good if you emphasize that note on that chord. Used as a passing tone might be cool though! Conversely the G# will add some nice #11 tension over that chord if you can phrase it nicely. Of course you could also use a D major Arpeggio, the E Minor Pentatonic Scale or just plain old A or D major scales too. So many more little time!

Enjoy the process and see what you like best.

If you need help with any ideas you can always check out my lead guitar courses here on TrueFire...‘Sweet Notes’ ‘SoloCraft’ Or ’50 R&B Licks You Must Know” and for any addition Rhythm Guitar studies there’s always ‘Rhythm Craft’.