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Watch the Acid Rain online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Rhythm Architect

By playing all of my chord voicings for this progression on the top four strings provides separation in the frequencies from guitar part no.1 and gives me the ability to find voice leading ideas and inversions for tonal interest.

The higher these voicings get the harder it is to articulate them so be careful when playing the D7, D7sus and D7 inversion move played at the 12th and 16th frets. I also played the slash chords on the top four strings by using the 'D shape' on the top three strings and adding the bass note below on the fourth string. Of course you have to move the 'D shape' up to the 5th fret to make it an F chord to start the ascending slash chord section of this progression. I recommend barring the top four strings at the 5th fret with the first finger and the second finger on the 6th fret 2nd string to play the slash chord voicings.