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Watch the Power Play: Minor online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Play: Minor

Welcome to Power Play - Minor Edition. You are about to embark on one of the most powerful solo development learning programs available. Whether you are just starting out learning your scale shapes or are a seasoned pro, Power Play will challenge you to the fullest every time. Power Play Minor is the application of the minor pentatonic, Dorian mode, Phrygian mode and the Aeolian natural minor mode over 4 custom designed minor tonality chord progressions.

Each 8 bar chord progression will change key 4 times and then repeat for a total of 4 cycles. These are not exercises, they are solo sections that you improvise using designated scale types and patterns. You'll be applying all 5 of your minor pentatonic scale forms, 7 Dorian, Phrygian and Aeolian scale forms across the entire fingerboard. I've set up some specific challenges for you to try as well - playing in position over the 4 key changes, shifting position after one complete cycle of changes and using the entire fretboard to improvise each 8 bar solo section. I challenge you to Power Play Minor and the following improvisational workouts.