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Watch the Playing In Position: Dorian online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Play: Minor

Make a note of the four keys you’ll be playing over and keep that sequence on hand so that you can quickly glance at it if you get lost. If you also need visual representation for any of the scale shapes you can use the diagrams I’ve prepared for you as you play through the assignments. Please stop using these diagrams and reminders as quickly as possible, you need to get all of that information into your head.

Each key, as you know is 8 bars long. The idea is to improvise a solo in each key, in position on the fretboard using the Dorian scale that relates directly with the chord. It may also help to see each of these Dorian progressions as being in the Parent Major Key, for example G Dorian is F major scale, A Dorian is G major scale etc.

Playing in position is going to limit you to exploring ideas within each of the scale shapes that lie in that one fretboard location. This strengthens your knowledge of those shapes and how they relate to the notes in the chord progression.

Structure your improvisations and try to build your solo from start to finish in a very dynamic and musical way. Perhaps playing four measures as simple melodic motifs using 8th notes. Add triplets and 16ths in the last 4 measures to increase the pace and build your lines to a crescendo.

Improvise through one full sequence of 4 key changes in position and then shift into the next available scale shape position up the fretboard. Improvise through the sequence of key changes in that position, continue this process until the track fades out. Take a break and continue up or down the fretboard changing position after each sequence.