Watch the The Roadmap: Major Pentatonic online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Play: Major

Each chord progression example presented in this Power Play Major course consists of one chord progression that has been transposed into 4 different keys. Each key lasts for the duration of 8 bars. In this first example you are going to be playing over these 4 keys in sequence - G - A - B - C. This sequence of key changes will repeat 4 times. Don't think that's long enough? Well, this sequence played 4 times will be approximately 6 minutes. That's 6 minutes of intensely focused solo creation in 4 different keys 4 times over, that's a lot of work! Check out the chord chart to see what's actually happening in the harmony. It's not necessary to learn it but if you are curious go ahead, it's a nice vamp.