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Watch the The Roadmap: Mixolydian Mode online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Play: Dominant

I've created another backing track that cycles through 4 key changes, 4 times. The progression created is a Mixolydian progression. This means the progression has a tonal center of the V chord in a major key and will resolve nicely to the V chord also.

Let’s take a look at the progression and how to play it just in case you are curious what you’ll be improvising over. If you are really adept, you may want to consider targeting specific notes in the chords as well as just using the tonal center/modal approach, just sayin’!

The 4 key changes we’ll be playing over are A7/Mixolydian (D major scale) - C7/ Mixolydian (Fmajor scale) - D7 Mixolydian ( G major scale) - E7 Mixolydian (A major scale).

If you need to have reference of scale shapes for each of these keys and modes I’ve provided those for you, in the sequence they occur on the track. Please don’t become reliant on the scale diagrams, use them only if you are just starting to learn these shapes.