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Watch the Power Play: Dominant online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Play: Dominant

Welcome to Power Play - Dominant Edition. You are about to embark on one of the most powerful solo development learning programs available. Whether you are just starting out learning your scale shapes or are a seasoned pro, Power Play will challenge you to the fullest every time. Power Play Dominant is the application of the major pentatonic, blues scale and Mixolydian mode over 3 custom designed dominant chord progressions. Each 8 bar chord progression will change key 4 times and then repeat for a total of 4 cycles. These are not exercises, they are solo sections that you improvise using designated scale types and patterns. You'll be applying all 5 of your major pentatonic scale forms, 5 blues scale forms and 7 Mixolydian scale forms across the entire fingerboard. I've set up some challenges for you to try as well, playing in position over the 4 key changes, shifting position after one complete cycle of changes and using the entire fretboard to improvise each 8 bar solo section. I challenge you to Power Play Dominant, let's get started.