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Watch the Your Voice online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Phrasing

We can develop a great sense of personal rhythmic phrasing by singing our ideas and then replicating them on our instruments. Many of you may have witnessed George Benson mimicking his voice simultaneously with his guitar. Many professional blues
musicians state that singing vocal lines first and then locating those lines on their guitar fretboard is a powerful way to express the inner voice on their given instrument.

Locating notes that we hear in our head and then on our guitars, initiates and
strengthens the connection from the inner creative source -us, to the conduit of musical expression - our guitars.

The solo you heard me play in the demo was written by singing it first and then playing it on the guitar. I find that my strongest melodies are created this way. I also find that by singing the melodies I create lines that I want to hear and express, not the lines that my fingers tell me I have to play.

We all understand that we’ve created a muscle memory of finger movements and phrases we turn to as default ideas, I do it - everyone I know does it! So singing the phrases from your soul is going to make you play differently too - fresh, new soul inspired phrases. Let’s look at how to develop that technique.

One way to develop this concept is to take a simple melodic scale form like the minor pentatonic scale, play it through on the guitar using only one octave, then sing along with those scale tones as you play them. Now you have a reference scale and note pitches from which you can create and sing some simple melodies.