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Watch the Rhythmic Feel online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Phrasing

A swing 16th note feel is also referred to as a 16th note shuffle. The subdivisions can still be counted as 1e+a 2e+a 3e+a 4e+a but that verbalization will swing or shuffle accordingly. Let me demonstrate by singing the swing 16th note verbalization and then the straight 16th note verbalization. Having a good sense of this swing feel internally is going to help you articulate those phrases on your guitar.

A great way to expand your existing phrase vocabulary, as you know, is to employ the rhythmic/melodic displacement ideas to each beat and its subdivisions. What this means in simple terms is that we are going to play some simple licks and phrases starting on each subdivision of each beat. This placement of your ideas is going to change how they feel against the underlying harmonic and rhythmic structure. You may even find that your sense of timing improves and your phrases become more interesting and fresh as a result of just shifting them across the beat and bar. Let’s play some swing 16th note phrases across the the 4 subdivisions of beat 1.