Watch the Combining Rhythmic Feels online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Phrasing

Can we combine triplets with 8ths and 16ths in the same piece of music or solo? We sure can but I’d advise trying it over a straight feel as opposed to a shuffle feel. It’s easier to play triplets over a straight feel than 8ths and 16ths over a shuffle.

If you’re not used to phrasing ideas with a mixed feel it might be hard to get your fingers to move that way to begin with. Try singing the subdivisions first while tapping your foot… 1+2+3+4+…123-223-323-423…1e+a 2e&a3e&a4e&a… get a sense of how each division feels.

Let's play over the track and try each one in sequence.

Not easy is it, well it’s a great way to add pace to your phrases and solo lines. Think about phrasing with 8th notes for the first 4 bars of a solo, then on bars 5 and 6 you phrase some nice triplet lines, then to turn up the heat even more add 16th note phrases on bar 7 and 8 - super yumtastic!