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Watch the Beat 3 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Phrasing

Starting our phrases on beat 3 gives us plenty of time to prepare for our intro line. The listener has had a chance to hear the harmony first and now we have to wow them with a strong opening line.

You’ll notice that starting on the upbeat of 3 feels like we’re playing a pick up into the next bar - we’ll talk about this in more detail and we’ll even play this against the click to hear how that feels as well.

Now that we’re playing our phrases starting on beat 3 we’ll phrase over 2 bars instead of 1 - this will give us a chance to really hear and experience these phrases and where they sit in the measure.

Let’s listen to some phrases starting on the downbeat and then I’ll lay a few phrases starting on the upbeat of 3.

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