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Watch the 2/4 Bar Chop Builder online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Power Phrasing

I designed this chop builder section to push you a little harder towards constructing 2 bar phrases on the fly. The concept is that you comp the 2 chords for 4 bars then play 2, 2 bar phrases. The challenge here though is getting back to comping the chords directly after playing your 2/4 bar phrase. The 2 chords we’ll be playing over are Dmi7 and Gmi7 with a passing A7(#5). You can use D minor pentatonic over the whole progression.

There are a plethora of melodic tools we can use over this D minor groove but the most important thing here is to make sure you time your phrases to work seamlessly between your 4 bar comps. Working through this exercise is going to keep you honest, you’ll know if you didn’t make it back to the chords:-) I recommend recording your session as you play over this track, it’s going to reveal a lot about your phrases, timing and comping soloing abilities.