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Watch the The Power of Five online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Power of Five

The minor pentatonic scale is probably the first scale shape we all learn as guitarists and the default scale we all go to for solos throughout our musical journey. Why? Because it's easy to learn and sounds incredible for almost any style of music. This 5 note box pattern is our musical refuge in times of need and can also be our melodic prison when we want to expand to new musical horizons.

The minor pentatonic box shape can become a hard habit to break and after years of muscle memory playing in this one scale pattern, many guitarists voice that learning new shapes and licks becomes even harder to achieve. Quite often this stagnant energy results in what I like to call box boredom and this is where many guitarists lose interest in music because they just aren't progressing beyond that initial scale barrier to find new and exciting tonal colors.

The 'Power Of Five' concept however, shows you how to break the minor pentatonic box with the same minor pentatonic box! Let me clarify! This course will show you how to use the one pentatonic scale box shape we all know and love in different places on the fretboard to achieve stunning musical results over any progression without learning anything new at all. No new licks, shapes or muscle memory workouts! Just your licks sounding new and fresh in several areas on the fretboard over the same musical canvas.