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Watch the Applying The Box G#m7(b5) - E7 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Power of Five

The Locrian mode is the one major scale mode that gives us a dissonant tonality by nature and will always sound unresolved or unsettled. I composed this Locrian progression to take on a bluesy feel in the hope to reduce that tension and give us a pleasing Locrian track to study our pentatonics over. I think this track feels very jazz/blues and I really enjoy playing and phrasing my ideas over it.

We have 5 minor pentatonic options over this track starting with the G# minor/G# blues scale. This scale works but you will want to be careful around the D# note.

The best sounding minor pentatonic to me over this track is the B minor - very smooth and just sits right in the pocket with everything melodically. I'll let you analyze the relationships. Two frets higher we can use the C# minor pent which sounds really nice too. Glide between the B and C# positions to add that smooth glissando to your phrases.

The next 2 positions are the E minor and the F# minor pents. Both have their own flavor and mixing them together just gives you those classic creative distribution lick ideas I've been hammering home throughout the course. The mega cool twist here is to add the G# minor pent and you have 3 minor pents two frets apart from each other - E, F#, G#. Try joining them all together by sliding between positions.

One of the coolest things you'll get to do is use the same lick in all five positions while ascending up the neck. You'll have heard me do this towards the end of my demo solo :-).