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Watch the Applying The Box E7 - F#m7sus - F#m7 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Power of Five

I do love a good Mixolydian progression and this particular example is a great canvas for our 4 different minor pentatonic scales. Of course we'll use our standard shape to demonstrate the tonal center resolution points.

The melodic motif played in this video segment utilizes a minor 2nd bend from within the F# minor and C# minor pentatonic shapes. It's this repetitive element that creates the melodic and rhythmic hook we've been talking about throughout the course.

In addition to the 3 diatonic pentatonic scales used in this example, we can add in the E minor pentatonic scale. The E minor pent will give you the opportunity to add in the bluesy flavors not found in the other 3 scales. Try combining the adjacent E minor and F# minor shapes and the B minor and C# minor shapes to achieve a smooth glissandi soloing approach.