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Watch the Applying The Box Dmaj7 - C#m7(b13) online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Power of Five

I'm using 3 minor pentatonic scales over this D lydian progression and they all sound fantastic regardless of the licks I choose to play. The 3 minor pentatonics are B minor, C# minor and F# minor.

Glissandi lines between the B minor and C# minor sound excellent and there are so many great resolution points in these two shapes. Moving the lick ideas up to the 14th fret region of the neck to play in the F# minor pattern opens up a whole new wealth of sounds even if you stick with the same licks.

To solidify my concept of creative note distribution I chose to play the same intervalic line from all 3 minor pents to demonstrate how different they will all sound. This is where the 'Power of Five' concept really comes to life.