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Watch the Applying The Box Bm7 - E - D - A online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Power of Five

This Dorian rock progression consists of 4 chords all derived from the key of A. The tonal center is clearly the B minor 7 chord so I'll be focusing my sweet note resolution to that chord and its four tones. The real beauty here though lies in the fact that we can really color the characteristic tone, the G# by applying the C# minor pentatonic scale over the progression. You'll also want to glide between shapes of the B and C# minor to give your licks more scope and fluidity.

Add the F# minor pentatonic to the mix and you have 3 places to play your minor pent shape. Use the same lick in the 3 locations and your lick vocabulary just tripled, plus you got to create rhythmic and melodic motifs without any effort at all. Nice!