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Watch the Applying The Box A9/13 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Power of Five

We can see from the previous segments that we have great options when it comes to superimposing the minor pentatonic scale. This holds true when we are playing over extended chords and we've seen from our analysis that there are a couple of great choices here. Let's just take a look at that specifically and make a note to ourselves as to where those great options lie in relation to our chord's root note.

Playing the minor pentatonic off of the major 2nd(9th) will yield all possible extensions plus the 5th and root of a dominant 7th chord.

Also playing the minor pentatonic from the major 6th (13th) will give us a major triad plus the 2nd (9th) and the 6th (13th).

So both of these would be great choices. Let's hear how that sounds and bounce between the 2 shapes.