Watch the Whole Tone online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Modes That Matter

In this fusion setting the whole tone scale plays a seemingly similar role that some other primarily altered V7 chord modes can. That is it can shift gears and be played as horizontal device that streams over a series of diatonic changes. But, given the symmetrical nature of whole tone there’s no change in tonality regardless of which scale degree is functioning as the root. Check out the Power Tab chart and you’ll see the guitar part you’re playing over is basically two tritone diads. Given the open nature you can really go nuts here and try out all sorts of fingering and lick ideas. Here’s one to geek on: another symmetrical offspring of the whole tone scale is the two augmented triads (1 3 #5) that are; you guessed it, a whole step apart. Or, put another way, there's an augmented triad that can be played from all six degrees.