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Watch the Mixolydian online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Modes That Matter

As you can well imagine the b7 degree is part of Mixo’s defining tritone, which is between that degree and the 3rd. It is that interval that makes up the core of a dom7 chord. Is it that interval that gives V chords their character and, in many cases, their need to resolve to a tonic. Throughout these segments you’ll discover dom7 chords (and extensions thereof) played in varying scenarios, but one you will not see just yet is a dom7 chord of any kind making a resolution. It’s a little early in the game for that, but rest assured V-I progressions are on their way when we check out the scales and modes that provide altered colors to be played over V chords. These applications will create more tension that beg for a release. For now, just lay back and rip through some static Mixo ideas.