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Watch the Lydian b7 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Modes That Matter

So far we’ve checked out the Mixolydian mode and learned that it’s suitable approach for dom7 chords, which are often played as V7 chords that resolve to a major or minor chord of some type. Lydian b7 as we now know is also a V7 chord mode, but with a little extra due to the #4 in the formula. To delve into this subject the jam track features an appropriately altered dom7 whose altered extension is a #11. While Lydian b7 doesn’t have exclusive rights to this chord it should be at the top of your list of choices when playing over it.

Take note: In addition to those bII7 chords mysteriously hovering a half step above a maj7 chord, if you come across a dom7 chord that’s "floating" in a chart without a resolution in site, Lydian b7 should be your mode of choice. And, this is regardless of whether it has a #11 tension or not.

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