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Watch the Vertical 3-Note Arpeggios online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

In this segment we use the same approach we used to identify the variations of the C major scale and apply it to the C major arpeggio.

1. Find a C on the fingerboard.

2. Place your first finger on the C.

3. Hunt down the notes of the C arpeggio beginning with your 1st finger.

4. Next, fret the same C with your 2nd finger and repeat the exercise. Using a different digit forces you to come up with an alternative fingering.

5. Next, start with your 3rd finger and play a C arpeggio.

6. Finally, start with your 4th finger and play a C arpeggio.

7. Use this same approach using every C on the guitar as a starting point.

8. The next step is to connect these arpeggios to build 2-octave arpeggios with the same approach.

9. Next, play these arpeggios in the other keys around the cycle of fourths.