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Watch the Modern Method for Guitar online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

Welcome to my course: Modern Method for Guitar. This course represents my complete approach to learning the guitar, and I am happy to share it with you. Please be sure to start out by downloading the full manual before you begin. Download the manual by clicking on the chart button above and then start to get to know the structure of the course.

Each chapter begins with an overview followed by step-by-step instructions that correspond to the video segments. This is a supplement to the video and has many of the lessons from the video written out in all 12 keys. After you have watched the video segment, use this as a refresher to remind you of the lesson you are working on.

For more guidance: notation, tablatures, chord grids, and examples are also provided after the text sections in the manual, and are viewable in the software as well.

Some lessons include graphic displays of chord shapes with fingerings. Rather than starting with the chord grids and memorizing the shapes, I suggest you work through the lessons first to increase your knowledge of the fret board. Refer to these pages when needed and for confirmation that you have done the lesson correctly.

Theory is covered throughout the course and can be very helpful to understand. I encourage you to study this material but do not get hung up on it. If a concept is unclear or confusing, work through it and move on. If you review the theory after you have worked through the lesson you will likely have a better grasp of it.

Let's get started!