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Watch the Melodic Minor Play-along online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

The melodic minor scale is different ascending from descending. Ascending, it is the same as the natural minor and descending you play a raised 7th and raised 6th. Another way to play this scale is to ascend with the raised 6th and 7th and then descend using the natural minor. I want you to practice it both ways but in this play-along we ascend with the raised 6th and 7th and descend using the natural minor.

1. Write out all 12 notes on paper.

2. Write out the melodic minor scales in all 12 keys using both formulas.

3. Play the scales around the cycle of fourths with the raised 6th and 7th ascending and the natural minor descending. Refer to the video segment and in the notation that follows.

4. Vary your fingerings and positions each time you play to this video segment.

5. Strive for a good even tone.

6. Test yourself thinking what note you are on and what interval it is.

7. Next, play horizontally on each of the 6 strings as we have done with the other scales.