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Watch the Making a Rhythm Track online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

Whether you are working on scales, arpeggios, chords, melodies or improvisation, it is useful to create a play-along track to practice to. Although there are play-along tracks available free online and for purchase, I think it is best to make your own.

1. Start by setting a metronome to the desired tempo.

2. Start your recording device.

3. Record a few minutes of the rhythm you want to work on. In our example I play the Cmaj7 on the bottom 4 strings in the 1st position for one measure and then play the Cmaj6 for one measure. We will use this play-along and others throughout the remainder of this course.

4. After you have recorded a few minutes, stop the recorder and listen to be sure you like the sound of the play-along.

5. Use this same method for creating grooves anytime you are learning a new song.

6. Record the chords of songs to use for working on the melodies or soloing. This is a great way to work on just about anything you are doing.