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Watch the Learning Chord Progressions: The I-vi-ii-V online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

1. In this segment we cover the I-vi-ii-V progression.

2. A good way to really get the sound in your ear is to sing the bass notes. In the key of C the bass notes are C-A-D-G.

3. Explore the various positions to play this progression using the same approach we took in the previous segments of this chapter.

4. The style of music you are playing will determine if you will use triads, 4 note chords or 4 and 5 note chords with extensions.

5. Add the 4th note to the chords: C-Am7-Dm7-G7. Play in all positions, using all inversions.

6. Use this progression as a study to learn it all over the fingerboard, finding as many variations as possible.

7. Next, substitute a dominant chord for the ii and V: Cmaj7-A7-D7-G7.

8. Another variation is to play the ii chord as a Dm7: Cmaj7-A7-Dm7-G7.